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Yoga Bruxelles / Sivananda / asana

Yoga Bruxelles / Sivananda 1





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Ce premier extrait du livre ne concerne que le Hatha Yoga. Sur la vie de swami Sivananda, qui a l’air bien sympathique,  suivre le lien…. Et sur les notions qui vous resteraient obscures dans les commentaires, veuillez faire des recherches vous-même : on ne va pas faire tout le temps tout le boulot.



Hatha Yoga & Asana


Hatha Yoga is a Divine Blessing for attaining success in any field. Body and Mind are instruments which the practice of Hatha Yoga keeps sound, strong, and full of energy. It is a unique armour of defence to battle the opposing forces in the material and spiritual fields. By its practice you can combat Adhi-Vyadhi and attain radiant health and God-realisation. Become a spiritual hero full of physical, mental and spiritual strength.

Any steady comfortable posture is an Asana. There are 84 Asanas. Sukha, Siddha and Padma Asanas are very good for meditation and Japa. If you practise Siddhasana for a period of twelve years, this alone will give you Moksha (cf: libération, équivalent hindou du nirvāṇa bouddhique) You must keep the head, neck and the trunk in a straight line. You can control the Rajoguna and the Indriyas by practice of Asana. Several ailments such as haemorrhoids or piles, chronic constipation, etc., are removed by Asana.





Sit on the ground. Place the right foot on the left thigh and similarly the left one on the right thigh. Place the hands on the thighs near the knee joint. Close the eyes and concentrate on Trikuti. This is Padmasana.





Place one heel at the anus. Keep the other heel at the root of the generative organ. Close the eyes. Concentrate and do Japa and meditation on this Asana. Padmasana and Siddhasana are most suitable for meditation. Start practising for half an hour and gradually increase the period to three hours. When you sit on the Asana, there must not be the least shake in the body. You must become a live marble statue. In the beginning, the body feels heavy. Later on when Asana Siddhi is obtained, you will feel a real pleasure and the body becomes very light. The body becomes your willing servant to obey your commands.



Any comfortable Asana in which you can sit for a long time is Sukhasana. You must be careful to keep the head, neck and the trunk in one straight line. The above three Asanas are intended for Japa and meditation. There are several other Asanas that are intended for keeping up Brahmacharya and good health and for awakening Kundalini.




Yoga BruxellesSirshasana




Sirshasana is the king of all Asanas. Spread a four-fold blanket. Rest the head inside the locked fingers and slowly raise the legs up. Then slowly bring down the legs without jerks. Take the help of a wall or any of your friends. Do it for a minute and increase the period to 5 to 10 minutes. It removes diseases of the eyes, nerves, blood, stomach, intestines, gonorrhoea, spermatorrhoea, dyspepsia, constipation. It augments the digestive fire, and improves appetite. It helps as blood and nervine tonic. Intellectual faculties develop. It helps Brahmacharya (cf : étude du Veda) and makes you an Oordhvareta Yogi (cf: ceci a affaire avec la sublimation des pulsions et avec l’idée que « l’énergie séminale » est transmutée en « énergie spirituelle, Ojas-Shakti. La conception est assez proche de l’idée taoïste de la remontée du sperme vers le cervelet en place de l’éjaculation. En tout cas, s’il suffit de se mettre la tête en bas pour sublimer les pulsions sexuelles, ça vaut parfois le coup (!) d’essayer).




Yoga BruxellesSarvangasana











Lie down flat on the back. Slowly raise the legs to vertical position. Support the trunk with the palms of your hands. The whole body rests upon two shoulders. Press the chin against the chest. Concentrate on the thyroid-gland that is situated at the root of the neck. Do it from 3 to 10 minutes. Slowly bring down the legs. All the benefits of Sirshasana are derived from this Asana also.




Yoga Bruxelles / Matsyasana


Do Padmasana. Lie on the back. Hold the head by two elbows. This is one variety. Stretch the head back so that the centre of the head rests on the ground and catch hold of the toes. Form an arch of the trunk. This is a contrary Asana to Sarvangasana. This must be done after Sarvangasana to realise the maximum benefits.





Place the palm of the two hands on the ground. Place the navel on the two elbows. Stand upon the hands, the legs being raised in the air plain or crossed with Padmasana. This destroys the effect of unwholesome food. Take the help of the end of a table. Practise here in the beginning.





Sit. Stretch the legs on the ground stiff like a stick. Exhale and then catch the toes with the hands. Bend slowly and place the forehead on the knees. Keep the lungs empty when you bend. This will drive out all diseases of the stomach. Do this five or six times in the morning and evening. Do Asanas with an empty stomach.



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